Need Extra Space?

Bedrock offers extra space when you need it most.

For home owners doing renovations, businesses storing files or anyone who just needs some extra space Bedrock Secure Self Storage might be the perfect solution. Brand new, state-of-the-art, 24-hour storage facility in Ferry Reach. The facility boasts 72 units housed in three buildings with 60 units that are climate controlled to protect your belongings and accommodate a wide range of storage needs. Outfitted with a high-tech security system, and built of solid concrete the structures are completely hurricane and fire proof. Access is controlled by electronic security cards at the main entrance, and for each building. We are providing a facility for small storage that is secure, safe and accessible 24 hours a day. We have gone the extra mile to offer the security and accessibility our customers need most. Anything you put here is safe and you can be assured this is by far the most secure facility in Bermuda. Companies storing documents and small business owners who just need more space.

Every customer has an electronic security card and an access code to open the automatic entrance gate. Once inside you must use the card to open the building where your unit is located. Another additional security step requires one to unlock the individual storage space. A personal padlock is provided with the rental of a unit. Step inside and observe the solid concrete structure designed with corrugated roll up interiors. The glossy white galvanized and durable aluminum doors make this a comfortable, well lit space. The doors are also surprisingly easy to maneuver. Computerized access cards also provide additional security measures. This is an enhanced feature for business owners who want to limit employees access to certain times of the day.

Traditionally storage facilities in Bermuda function on a warehouse delivery system. Individuals deliver their boxes and a person whisks them away to an unidentified storage space. Now you can transport each item  into your space directly from the trunk of a car. Considering fragile items can often get broken in the process, collectors of antiques, art or rare books may find this feature of self storage particularly appealing. All units are ground level and accessible from the main entrance of each building or on the outside through an independent doors. This makes it easy to move in and out the space and reduces the handling time of each item. However, with advance notification Bedrock can help move heavier items like furniture.

Another additional feature is access to contents insurance with special rates provided by Colonial Insurance.